Our story

We’ve been educating & caring for the children of Table View and Parklands for longer than a decade. Starting out as a small family business “BUBBLE BEE EDUFUN” that operated from a renovated house with only 18 pupils and 3 staff, we focussed on good quality care and education given by well qualified staff in a loving environment that allowed children the freedom to learn & explore.

Our approach to daycare proved so successful that we evolved first into an Educare then into Pre-Primary School and now a proper private School with many of our current Gr1 learners having joined our baby class at the tender age of 3 months. Within three years of starting BUBBLE BEE we outgrew the premises and the search started for proper school facilities. These were found a few blocks away from the initial school with big, airy classrooms and large safe playgrounds.

What Makes Us So Special

It is important to us that children grow and learn whilst having fun in an environment that enables them to develop a healthy self-esteem that results in happy, confident children. We take the time to teach children morals & values as well as respect for self and others & accepting responsibility for actions. Ultimately, we aim to send balanced, well adjusted children out into the world. Every day offers our new opportunities to make a difference in the life of a child.

our Staff

Our staff compliment increased from 3 to 24 and we still look for the same criteria in applicants as we did many years ago; Good qualifications as well as a love and respect for children that goes beyond the call of duty. Children are our future and it takes special people to be able to shape their minds and train them for the future. Needles to say, these are the type of teachers we employ in our schools.

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