Ages 2-5 | Half & Full day options

Welcome to the Early Learning Centre

Where the world of imagination, exploration, and education meet to provide your little ones with the perfect Christian foundation for lifelong learning.

The Early Learning Centre is a dedicated space for children aged 2-5, tailored to nurture their innate curiosity and pave the way for their educational journeys. Our experienced educators are passionate about early childhood development and are committed to creating an environment where every child feels safe, loved, and inspired.

Our School

Creativity-Driven Curriculum

From art and music to science and math, we present learning in the most engaging ways.

Caring & Passionate Staff

Our team is not just qualified; they’re dedicated and love what they do, ensuring your child gets the best.

Christian Values

We instill Christian virtues, teaching our children the importance of compassion, honesty, and respect.

2024 fees

Half day (07:30 – 14:00) 2 to 5 years R2000 p/m*
Full day (07:30 – 17:00) 2 to 5 years R2300 p/m*
Registration Fee R1600 per academic year
*Includes school holidays. Payable over 12 months.

When you pay your fees six months in advance, you’ll enjoy a 5% discount. If you choose to pay your fees for a full year upfront, you’ll receive a 10% discount.

We offer a discount for 2 or more children of 10% off school fees.

About Mrs. Langkilde

Every child who steps into our centre becomes a part of a much larger family, and at the heart of this family is the Principal –  Jacqueline Langklilde. A mother to seven wonderful children, Jacqueline’s journey with children is not just professional; it’s deeply personal.

Since 2002, Jacqueline has been dedicated to the world of early childhood education. Her extensive experience, coupled with the practical wisdom gleaned from raising her own family, has shaped the ethos of our centre. She understands, firsthand, the concerns, hopes, and dreams parents have for their little ones. 


Meal Options

Helping our little ones grow and stay focused is all about giving them the right food and enough rest. Here’s the fun part: Moms and dads, you can either pack a lunchbox for your child or order lunch from our fantastic Life Cafe. They deliver yummy lunches every day! Just reach out to them at 062 642 5291 to place your order.

Oh, and remember, when you order lunch, you’ll pay the chef directly; it’s not included in our preschool service. Enjoy those tasty meals!

Our Location

New Life Church, 8 Beatrix Street, Del Judor Proper

The Early Learning Centre

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