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Glass Mountain

GLASS MOUNTAIN LITEROCK™ IN STRUCTURAL LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE. Glass Mountain LiteRock™ is a superior quality natural lightweight aggregate, which surpasses all of the general specification requirements for structural lightweight Concrete as defined by ASTM C330 (UBC 263) "Lightweight Aggregates for Structural Concrete."

Pumce Concrete: Lightweight, Insulating, Durable

Advantages of Lightweight, Insulating Pumice Concrete. Modern pumice concrete formulations are composed of Portland cement, pumice rock, pumice sand, and water. In critical precast or specialduty infrastructure applications, a ultrafine pumice pozzolanic powder (Hess UltraPozz) is also added.

The Pumice Store: Lightweight Concrete Aggregate

Lightweight Pumice Aggregate for Craft Concrete applications. Lightweight Pumice Sand Plus. PUMICE CONCRETE is composed of Portland cement, pumice stones, pumice sand, pumice powder (pozzolan), and water. Compared to standard concrete, pumice concrete offers roughly a onethird reduction in weight and four times the rvalue.

SAKRETE 63 lb. 2/3 cu. ft. Lightweight Concrete Mix ...

SAKRETE Light Weight Concrete Mix is a general purpose concrete mix manufactured using light weight aggregates. SAKRETE Lightweight Concrete Mix is ideal for setting footings, pouring slabs and anchoring posts and poles. This mix comes in strong polylined bags to enable easy transportation. Covers approximately cu. ft.

Lightweight Concrete Aggregate Garibaldi Pumice

Lightweight Concrete Aggregate. Garibaldi Pumice produces a lightweight aggregate for concrete products. Use of dacite pumice reduces the weight of concrete products without substantially compromising strength. The final product is lightweight concrete that is strong and durable with excellent insulating, sound dampening and fire resistance ...


Cellular Concrete is a cementitious paste of neat cement or cement and fine sand with a multitude of micro/macroscopic discrete air cells uniformly distributed throughout the mixture to create a lightweight concrete. It is commonly manufactured by two different methods. Method A, …

Beaver Pumice | Home

In addition, pumice is a preferred lightweight aggregate used in manufactured stone veneer and concrete block. Beaver Pumice’s with out high quality pumice deposit and processing plant allows for optimal pumice products with continue to lead the market for decades to come

What is Lightweight Concrete? Types, Uses and Advantages

Lightweight concrete mixture is made with a lightweight coarse aggregate and sometimes a portion or entire fine aggregates may be lightweight instead of normal aggregates. Structural lightweight concrete has an inplace density (unit weight) on the order of 90 to 115 lb / ft³ (1440 to 1840 kg/m³ ...

How Concrete Rvalue, Density, and Strength Relate ...

Question: We're thinking of developing a 6inchthick precast concrete residential wall system made with lightweight aggregates. For good insulating properties we want a low density and high Rvalue, but we also need to reach an adequate compressive strength. How are concrete density, Rvalues, and ...

Pumice and Concrete: Lightweight Insulating Concrete

Lightweight Insulating Concrete. Microphoto showing pumice vesicles. It's the naturegiven physical makeup of pumice—essentially a foamed stone—that gives pumice concrete both its light weight and insulative qualities. PUMICE CONCRETE (not to be confused with PumiceCrete®) is composed of Portland cement, pumice rock, pumice sand, pumice ...

How to Make Lightweight Concrete | Hunker

May 09, 2018· Lightweight concrete may not be as structurally sound as traditional concrete, but it can be useful in some projects where weight is more important than strength. To make this concrete, combine 8 parts cement, sand and lightweight aggregate with 5 parts water.

Understanding Different Types of Lightweight Concrete

The use of lightweight concrete dates back to as early as the eighteenth century, and as advances in building and construction technology have increased, so has the use of lightweight concrete as the benefits of lighter dead load concrete have become apparent.

Lightweight Concrete: Weighing in on the Differences

Lightweight concrete instead uses a variety of alternate aggregate materials that may include more porous rock like pumice, manufacturing byproducts like fly ash or slag, or clay, shale or slate that has been treated with a heat process that expands the material and …

Green Home Building: Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight Concrete. Lightweight concrete, weighing from 35 to 115 pound per cubic foot, has been used in the United States for more than 50 years. The compressive strength is not as great as ordinary concrete, but it weathers just as well.

Lightweight Precast Concrete for Commerial Residential ...

Litecrete lightweight precast concrete is manufactured using local pumice aggregate. The pumice provides both inbuilt insulation and a 40% weight reduction compared to standard precast concrete. The product can be used in both residential and commercial construction.

Formulas for Lightweight Concrete Green Home Building

Formulas for Lightweight Concrete. Fernando Martinez Lewels has a degree from the University of Texas at El Paso. He is now working with the Agartif company in Chihuahua, Mexico (about 170 miles from El Paso Texas).

The Pumice Store: Lightweight Aggregate for Concrete Canoes

At Hess Pumice, we field scores of inquiries each NCCC season about sourcing our lightweight pumice aggregate and natural pozzolans. We added this page on the Pumice Store to expedite and streamline the process of getting concrete canoe teams the lightweight aggregate they need to build a winner.

My New Concrete Recipe YouTube

Dec 04, 2014· I started using a new concrete recipe with new ingredients that works exceptionally well for vertical applications. ... make Lightweight Concrete Garden Boxes PART 3 …

Pumice: Igneous Rock Pictures, Definition More

What is Pumice? Pumice is a lightcolored, extremely porous igneous rock that forms during explosive volcanic is used as aggregate in lightweight concrete, as landscaping aggregate, and as an abrasive in a variety of industrial and consumer products.

Development Of Light Weight Concrete Civil Engineering

In buildings, lightweight concrete will produce a higher fire rated structure. Workability: Products made from lightweight concrete are lightweight, making them easy to place using less skilled labour. The bricks can be sawed, drilled and shaped like wood using standard hand tools, regular screws and nails.

Lightweight concrete

Lightweight structural concrete. Lightweight aggregate concretes can be used for structural applications, with strengths equivalent to normal weight concrete. The benefits of using lightweight aggregate concrete include: Reduction in dead loads making savings in foundations and reinforcement. Improved thermal properties. Improved fire resistance.

Lightweight | Boral

Boral has specially designed Lightweight Concrete using a nontoxic treated polystyrene aggregate or by the use of cellular foam injection by specially trained applicators. Depending on local availability, special lightweight aggregates may also be included in the design for enhanced strength capability. Standard concrete as a density of around 2300kg/m3 and Lightweight concrete generally has ...

Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Properties, Uses and ...

Lightweight aggregate concrete is prepared by using lightweight aggregate or low density aggregate such as volcanic pumice, clay, slate, shale, scoria, tuff and pellite. Concrete is considered to be lightweight is the density is not more than 2200 kg/m 3, when compared to normal concrete which is ...

Light Weight Concrete Mix | Sakrete

Concrete mix designed for general applications and made with light weight aggregates. Made with special lightweight aggregates. Build walks, drives, slabs and steps.


for producing structural lightweight and internally cured concretes. Mixture designs were developed for lightweight concrete containing both partially saturated and fully saturated pumice aggregates. A vacuum saturation system was developed to completely …